MP130-LTEDigital Voice Broadcast System

MP130-LTE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Digital Voice Broadcast System has the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) which commonly known as the "Sound Cannon" technology. Its maximum volume is more than 130dB and the effective sound raising distance is more than 500 meters. It has the characteristics of super high sound pressure, super loud volume, super clear voice, super penetrating power and super far sound distance, etc. After lightweight design, it can be used in M600P and other industrial UAVs through Chengzhi universal cloud interface.


Adaptation Model

Seamless compatible DJI-M200 UAV and vast majority of UAV
Mount directly without any additional wiring

Application area
Parameter Details
Product Name MP130-LTE Digital Voice Broadcast System
Model MP130-LTE
Weight /g 590
Size/mm 140*140*132
Power/w 25
Control Scope/km
Work Temperature (℃) -20~40
Pitch Control Angle /° Manual Adjustment 0~90
Audio File Storage Format MP3/WAV
APP Support System Android5.0 or higher
Waterproof Rate IP43
Load Interface Chengzhi Common Interface
Communication Mode 4G Link
Maximum Sound Pressure /db 130
Sound Propagation Length /m 500
Propaganda Way Real-time propaganda
Upload the recording
Memory play
Mixed play
Others Support AUX input audio streams
MP130-LTEDigital Voice Broadcast System Instruction manual Downloads
MP130-LTEDigital Voice Broadcast System APK Downloads
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